be another tour update? Or a podcast? I'm just finding a rhythm out here on the Simon thing as the shift from one style, one mindset, one energy to another has been more difficult than I expected. It's strange to find myself working for a coupla guys I started with in 1990 and haven't handled since 1993 or so. It's known territory but with the natural progression of time, you miss a few things.

The transition for the band from rehearsals to performances has been tricky. This is a unit that functions best in a highly controlled environment. The big problem is the road is the opposite of that.

For example:

the first performances I was involved in were a 50 degree cold TV studio, a college arena, a riverside tent, a band shell at a zoo in the rain, a modern shed with a huge thrust, a truckbed stage in center field of a baseball park, a delicate high balconied theatre and a fairground grandstand. The only common thread was the setlist.

The weather has ranged from freezing indoors, steamy outdoor sun, hot rain, cold rain and just plain rain. Showers (pre and post show) have been interestingly there and not there. The crowds have been there and not there. The day off hotel rooms… well, we get them in time.

The great thing about the tour is the people and the remarkable level of excellence in the musicians. I have been drawn back time and again to be around Steve Gadd, Bakithi Kumalo, Vincent Nguini and the rest. As an extra added treat, our support act is the dobro player Jerry Douglas and his band. He is as nice as he is amazing on the square necked beast. You should pick up his new CD “The Best Kept Secret” if you like good music. We've missed him the last two days as he had a few gigs he had booked before the tour he couldn't get out of, but he and the band will be back on Sunday! Click on any of the above links for further info or to purchase CD's…

So, other than that, the road is the road, the bunk is the bunk and the gig is the gig. Nothing new to report, though I've having some serious laughs with Anthony A. and learning more about Bela Lugosi than is probably healthy…

More soon!