Do you check out the show with zefrank? Funny stuff, definitely an honorary member of Bitterman Circle. Today he's not feeling that well but has an interesting take on the Dallas Austin Dubai Gack Bust Reprieve…

the show with zefrank

UPDATE: the code for embedding the zefrank episode was holding up not only page loads for you but editing and posting for me…drag. Perhaps he can change the coding to be more like YouTube so an image and the interface appear but you don't have to wait until the entire video clip loads before your navigation features return. Though broadband is becoming more prevalent, I know my Mom is still on dial up and we on the road depend on wirless connections that are either a single DSL connection that 20 or 30 people are battering it to a crawl or the now newly convienent EVDO connections we share on the bus that are not exactly T1 speed. I will endeavor to try to keep the loading speed quicker (I eliminated a lot of the stuff on the sidebar for just that reason…)

FURTHER UPDATE: Thanks to a rapid response from Erik at zefrank's tech team, I've now included a thumbnail you can click on to get to the video link. I know how I respond to graphics rather than text (and graphic specialists… hi Angela!) Thank you Erik and everyone there for sharing ze's cauterized nose with us!