From Columbia, Maryland, another episode of Parking In Bitterman Circle…


Into DC? No.

Bowling for Pain

Van Waits Pt. 1

Decide: Are you in or are you out?

Van Waits Pt. 2

Columbia, Maryland was designed by James Rouse (Grandfather of Ed Norton)

The Long Tail by Chris Anderson

Van Waits Pt. 3

Lessons Learned-differences: good or bad? Clothes make the man?

Mulletude- no way!… Big Hair City- no smoking… Glamour shots

Tour update- flipflop… old friends and new

Jerry Douglas- The Best Kept Secret

Van Waits Pt. 4

Bus movies- “Windy City Heat

More Tour Update…no WordPress yet…


Gesture Bank

Flock the browser


Aguas de Marco- Elis Regina & Tom Jobim
Crazy House- Jing Chi
Harry’s Mambo- Sam Bardfeld
Animal Talk- Twink
Monk’s Dream- Tronzo Trio
Resophonic Lullaby- The Moonlighters
A Remark You Made- Jerry Douglas
Full Circle- Richie Beirach