I began this blog, an experiment I labeled it. A remarkable experience is what it has turned out to be. Though my other creative writing efforts have suffered (poetry and other nonsense), the blog has brought me a connection with others that I didn’t anticipate. I wasn’t looking for fame, money or adoration, just a exchange between myself and the unseen. The remarkable thing is through the podcasting community (and my travel filled job) is that many of those unseen people I had a chance to meet face to face.
I’m one of those people who has lived in a couple of metropoli and not only feels isolated, but takes years before I have a connection with a community. I’ve spent twenty years in a nomadic society with laminated credentials that both begs for attention and hides behind barricades and yellow jacketed security guards. I often feel attacked and lost in crowds, even at church craft fairs! But dress me in black, hand me a flashlight and give me a mission to rush through a dark arena with 22,000 people in it, I feel safe. I’m an enigma wrapped in a quandary presented as a
contradiction; therapy needed.
Three hundred sixty five days ago I began to write for myself and to myself. I never anticipated the wide scope of hits this little website has had; the cluster map blows my mind when I see the spread of dots. I don’t have hundreds of thousands of readers or listeners and don’t believe I ever will. That actually makes me glad as I’m not sure that I would feel comfortable with the pressure. I thank each and every one of you for commenting, supporting and linking to me; this year has been a difficult adventure which you have made that much easier by reaching back to let me know that you are there. I ask you not to stop connecting with others; you may stop reading or listening to PIBC but continue to participate with others and let them you know that you’re there. You don’t have to agree or like it; just engage. It makes a difference.