This is not a political blog, but every now and then certain items and issues (documentaries, articles, postings) I feel are quite important to share. The Iraq war, 9/11 and how our government works can seem so outside of our daily understanding. How Washington and the current administration work seems unbelievable at times; I found the new PBS Frontline documentary “The Dark Side” very informative and it confirmed a lot of what I felt was going on. I suppose we never really get to know what actually happens with these historical moments because 1) these things are never really openly shared and 2) we we not there.

I suggest if you have a broadband connection and about an hour of time, you watch this documentary. Know what you're looking at, what you're dealing with and how these people's decisions effect you and the people around you. If for no other reason to be informed and see some of the players behind the scenes and look into their eyes when they talk about how politics (and the people who are good at it) gets its way.

Connected to Frontline and more Bitterman likely content: another great documentary that I'm glad to see is now available to watch online is their look at the music business, MTV, marketing and cross-promotion from 2001, “The Merchants of Cool“. Anyone with an interest in how the record companies operate should see this; it also explains the mystery of how Limp Bizkit became popular (which was a question that plagued me personally…)