When I first heard about it (0.5b) , I tried the web browser Flock. It seemed really smart; it is a Mozilla-based browser, it integrated tagging for de.licio.us and others.

     It now integrates photosharing like flickr (great scrolling photo toolbar in the browser if you check it out!), built in blogging integration for most of the major blogging softwares, the ability to install the attention trust/gesture bank recorder and a built in news aggregator which can easily import your subscriptions from other sources through an OPML file. The same deal for all your bookmarks and favorites…and the act of bookmarking, tagging and sharing can happen with a single push of a toolbar button!

     Anyone who uses Firefox can make the transition easy and if you're using IE or Safari, I can't figure out why you still are… if you have a while, check out their site, download the beta and poke around. I think I've found my solution for blogging, reading news (and then blogging), tagging,  recording attention data and photosharing… pretty slick!

    I gotta say to the folks at Firefox that I love and have depended on their product and I hope that their next version will offer the same kind of intergration; with my particular needs, Flock seems to be the ticket today and I'll report back on if I find any difficulties with it in the future!