Jerk Watch

There are plenty of people out there with opinions; there are those who say things to elicit responses on both sides. I say things, you do too. It becomes pretty unbelievable what some people say on TV, online or in print. We live in a country where we value the right to say what we believe and trust that our values and perhaps our upbringing will limit what we say when people are listening.

I do a pretty good job of ignoring Ann Coulter; she appears to either out of her tree or a master manipulator of the media. It really doesn’t matter which when she says things like she has recently.

Like the comment made in the linked article at Crooks and Liars, she needs to be watched because if there are those who believe what she says is viable, things could be more dangerous than they are already. Wait until the first “Ann Coulter told me to” tragedy before they give her less airtime? I hope that’s not what it takes…