A PIBC listener who was using the Podshow built-in listener from their site (Wimpy?) reported that the most recent podcasts sounded like they were done by chipmunks. Though I have chipmunks in my backyard, none of them have appeared on PIBC. It only effects podcasts #31-34… I have contacted Podshow about this and will let you know what occurs. Until then, you can always listen to them from the direct link on the individual posting for the podcast, go to the podcast archive page
and use any of the options (direct link, click on speaker icon, subscribe through iTunes, Juice, Odeo,
Podnova, Digital Podcast or standard XML feed)
I’m sure they’ll figure it out (or tell me what I’m doing wrong) but as you can see, there are a lot of different options for subscribing to Bitterman Circle. Please let me know if you are experiencing difficulties with the podcast by shooting me an e-mail.

UPDATE: A quick response from Podshow support, this is a Flash plug-in issue that their built in player has seen before… in fact it’s mentioned in their FAQ. It means that I have to be more careful in my encoding of the final MP3 in the future. I could re-encode the four shows and replace them on the server but that probably won’t happen until after the first of the year (if at all). Until Macromedia fixes this plug in issue I guess that I’ll have to
1) encode at the old rate or another “suitable” rate;
2) ask you listeners to avoid certain Flash players
3) tolerate chipmunk jokes for a while.

Ok, I’ll sort this out…