We arrived Saturday afternoon and went over to the Fairgrounds to load in for tomorrow’s show. We had seen a good deal of trailers and a little damage, but we were told between the airport and the hotel and the gig we would skirt the major damage. It was actually surprising to see so much intact; it was clear that a lot of work had been done in the places that could afford to do something.

Still, like New York after 9/11, you could feel that something had changed. We’re staying down in the French Quarter and even the art in the galleries and the t-shirts in the crap shops were angry and a bit confrontational. I would be too I guess. I want to state that I’m not belittling the loss down here, just reporting that we in our work day have not been exposed to it. There isn’t anytime for us to do any disaster tourism and I’m not sure that it would be a dignified thing to do

A windy and blustry day, sand was blowing all around the backstage area of the main stage. The Sub Dudes were playing and Dave Matthews was on deck. Edge from U2 and Dallas were there as he was to sit in with the DMB. We unloaded our truck as the plan was to hit the stage after the DMB and set up for a 9pm soundcheck. The wind blew and the sky began to turn dark. We covered the gear with plastic and were then told of the westher forecast; 5-10 inches of rain, 50 mile an hour winds and hail, all before midnight. A tornado watch was in effect.

We got our gear secured and planned to attack it in the early AM hours rather than risk damage or injury. So, I’m gonna get some rest as 5am is not that far away. More as it happens…