Today was an eventful day with rehearsal show #4 under our belt and the next test to pass: could we pack up everything we brought and fit it into one truck AND get it to New Orleans in time for load in this weekend?

Our early show still started later than it should have but the set list included some changes from the last few days; “Long Black Veil” which was unbelievable in previous weeks got the opening slot. I think it will work better once everyone remembers the original arrangement but was quite welcome all the same. We closed with “The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze” which I had never listened to the lyrics to. Another story of love lost to a creep of a guy with unique talents…

I knew that space for all the gear I take care of was going to be tight. I tried to anticipate my needs but just adapted to get everything safely out the door. We have got a lot of stuff for a little folk combo; as I have hinted before, it’s not just a few hicks in overalls sitting around on a couple of haybails… we’re going to have fun fitting it under the roof at the Fairgrounds in NOLA. We’re going to do everything we can to maximize the groove down there.

This evening I had two wonderful surprises in that I received a mention from both the ever remarkable Cindy at Dusting My Brain and Amyloo at her OPML blog.

I was blown away.

Cindy I know from the podcasting world; Amyloo I’ve read through links and the OPML community.

I tell ya, I guess I gave too many easy hints! I’ll do my best to keep folks up to date on our troop movements and still be a good monkey. I’m looking forward to the next week with Jazz and Heritage (our lineup? Unreal… John Mooney, Sonny Landreth, Elvis Costello and Allen Toussaint on our stage, the Original Meters, Etta James and others scattered around the fairgrounds); I’m also hoping to do a catch up podcast and see if I can take the time to resolve the stupid format/alignment problem in my new WordPress version of PIBC.

Well, it’s time to say goodbye to the Jersey Shore; our plans changed and we’re gonna be stationed nearer to EWR and NYC for someone’s obvious reasons. I was kinda getting in a groove down here and was going to spend some time at the beach. I guess I’ll just be taking the ferry over to the city and bugging the people of New York. Besides, I gotta find a strap for a marching glockenspiel… who said rock and roll isn’t glamourous?