From the Jersey Shore where I seem to find new ways to go off mic and create a buzz all by myself, it’s the latest PIBC podcast!

Intro- Thunder Dust (ancient grains)- Southern Fried Swing

“As Day Is Long”- Chris Whitley from Soft Dangerous Curves Buy it!

Visit Chris and support his family.

quality and quantity

(next time buy 3 or 4…)

Local Work

Steve, Tim and home

Tower of Song podcast and promo

New Work,vague information and trying to be a pro

Big Band Music

North, South, East… no West; spring is somewhere

“Keep On Singin'”- Greg Koch from 4 Days in the South Buy It!!

Put it together, making it look like crap and work

Adult rehearsal

He’s not behind the counter… goodbye Mell.

Good friends… “you can never have too many…”

“Breaking” –Bumblefoot from the CD “Normal” Buy it!

Sorry about the really unprofessional recording… I need to practice!