(thanks J.D….)

Here is an open letter to all of Mell’s friends from his brother Louis Papaterpou. We lost Mell late in February…

First and foremost, I would like to thank Anthony Aquilato for initiating along with Bo Holst of S.I.R. a fund to help my family and I cope with the expenses associated with Mell’s passing.Anthony was and is the closest Mell and I have to another brother. I speak for both Mell and myself when I say “we love you Tony, for all you’ve been and meant to us throughout the years, THANKS. ”

I was fortunate to meet and know most of you throughout the years that Mell and I were actively playing out and rehearsing at S.I.R. You all became a major part of our lives. Those of you whom I never previously met, I’ve gotten to know through all the stories Mell would relate to me. Mell was my pulse when I needed a dose of what was going on in the music business.

I would like to extend to all of you both mine and my family’s deepest and most sincere thanks for your most generous contributions and all your outpouring of love for my brother.

I was taken aback by everyone’s thoughtfulness, compassion and pain when you came to pay your last respects. I saw for myself how hurt and lost we all appeared and how we tried to comfort each other in our own feeble ways.

The pain I feel for the loss of my brother will forever linger on, for not only have I lost my beloved twin, but also half my soul.

I know that Mell will forever remain deep within our hearts. Let his wonderful smile comfort us and his warmth and wisdom direct us through difficult times.

I will forever hold all of you dear to me, as I embrace all of you as part of my family.

Again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

God bless you all and watch over you always.

With all my love,