from Billboard:

I heard a while back that Elliot Easton, Greg Hawkes and Todd Rundgren were going to tour as The New Cars. Having been in Boston during their heyday and interacted a little with them (Ben Orr was a gem, may he rest in peace), the thought of them going out without Rick and Ben was unthinkable. The idea of this band has gotten a lot of heat, from Bob Lefsez and others… but you know, there are plenty of great musicians from great bands who can play, want to play and have to find a way to get heard as the main pre-pubescent audience sees them as grandparents. Their original constituents also turn their backs, either fixated on the songs of their youth or being too tired to assimilate anything new.
But here’s where I went from wanting it to die a fast death to being somewhat intrigued; the bass and drums are being played by Kasim Sultan and Prairie Prince, previously of Utopia and The Tubes.
This is close to being a super group of the late 70’s-early 80’s; my memories of Utopia and Tubes shows are the only clear ones from that era! It doesn’t change the fact that if this a cash grab, it’s still a cash grab. But you know, if you have a skill and need to make a living like the rest of us, go for it. I just hope everyone is putting their all into it. These are talented guys; I hope they do it right.

Rundgren Steps In For Ocasek In New Cars