from Boing Boing and David Pescovitz:

It’s not a secret that you can actually find seats that are better than others in coach class; exit row, aisles, two bangers in place of three… but they’ve always been the same price as the rest of the ones behind the blue curtain.

Until now.

With the new trend of not being content with making people pay for things to be better but to also charge them for not making it suck worse. If the airlines and the telecoms can do it, who’s next?

Maybe bands will offer a concert charges above the regular show…

“for an additional $15, we’ll skip the drum solo…”

Sound companies…

” for $50 bucks a week, we won’t store your vocal mics in the same drawer with our supply of garlic and cigarette butts…”

Bus providers…

” for only $13 a night, our drivers won’t pretend the break pedal is their ex-wife’s fingers…”

Northwest Airlines charges for aisle seats.