surreal day here; it’s been a few years since I’ve been here during the
holidays, the mild weather a warm surprise. The service for my friend
today was beautiful with a turn out of about 90 people in the morning
sunlight. there were speakers who shared their memories and feelings,
two beautiful presentations of photographs of my friend and his life
and a achingly beautiful performance by Dianne Reeves and Patrice
Rushen that left not a dry eye in the house.
He touched many people in
his short time on earth. Some of us decided that the best thing we
could do is carry on his spirit through our actions, mentoring others
and bringing love and humour to the world in our lives and our work.
You’d think that would be unspoken but sometimes you have to say it out
loud to remind yourself what is important.
Back to Texas tomorrow, a
few friends unseen; when you lose a friend like this you hope you have
another chance with the people who are special to you. Reach out and
let someone know that they are important to you tonight. You may not
get another chance…

Thoughts Read @ Bill Cope West Coast Memorial Service 12-18-04


Throughout my life I have been fortunate

To learn many lessons from those who went before

Good, bad, indifferent… shaping, defining, refining
But there are those who touch your character

And bring quiet in a world of noise

We all start out excited, trying so hard not to mess up,
disappoint or look like a fool

We feel doubt, anger, confusion and success
all seemingly in a matter of moments, a blink of an eye
You learn that time is time; and sometimes you gotta wait.

To earn trust you have to give someone a chance

To find answers you have to ask the right questions

To see what’s happening around you, you have to be willing to look

To do right, you have to feel what is wrong

To feel the warmth of the sun, you may need to go outside

To keep what you have, you gotta give it away.

There’s the trick; shaping your surroundings, running the show…
it’s all an illusion.

You do your homework, remember your lessons, keep your eyes open,
take action and let it unfold all around you.

But to do it with style, kindness, some serious smooth…

To walk through a doorway and have more than one person smile…

You don’t have to be tall enough to see over the wall… but it helps!

I’ll forever be waiting for the signal, the signal to spin, that everything is ok,

The all clear, waiting for you to turn around with your hand in the air,

A smile on your face, dancing a little bopping popping groove, stepping off

As the wall closed in, I’ll be waiting, the lesson learned, my job now to carry it on,

someone else, share the quiet, share the calm, share the smile, share
the warmth, share the trust, share the big picture

To give away what was given to me by you.

Good bye my friend…