happy holidays….

Sorry in the slowdown of missives; the family
trip has cut down on writing time and bandwidth. I’m in the dialup
hills where I’ve been trying to cache my mail for two days. It is a
fact that folks will send you large files when you detach from the
The Christmas break has been really wonderful,
seeing family, the quiet surroundings, walking through the woods and by
farms is quite soothing. My nephew is a joy to behold and anytime with
my Mom is a treat. It’s a drag not to see Dad or my brother but we’ll
catch up in the spring I’m sure. I hope that everyone’s holiday has
been warm, safe and wonderful.
Two of my friends sent a Xmas e-card out with a
sonagram image on the front…whatta present! Congratulations you two,
you’ll be wonderful parents!
I’ll send more down the pinched phone lines of the
lower Sierra or pay the high price of wi-fi at the local java pit. Be
safe out there as we enter the slippery drunken days between 2004 and
2005. My few readers out there, my thoughts are with you; don’t let the
holiday bug-a-boos get you wiggy, reach out and be bitter with someone
you love.