personal and emotional, the trip west has had some wonderful moments.
The Gold Country area of Northern California is a special place, it
seems between two other places and turns out to be a destination. We
spent some time down on the Yuba River this afternoon, the rains held
and it was a beautiful display of winter in Cali. I once again am quite
thankful for the advent of digital photography as you can snap 200
photos, toss 180, pick through 20 and keep 5 as special… now if I
could only throw away more than 10 at a time, I’d have some drive
Back to Texas tomorrow, the return to reality, job
search and broadband. I’m becoming motivated to create in a few
different mediums and am trying to use this time to focus on what it is
and how best to spend my time. This may be a lifelong project! Back
into the airports and the world of the uncontrollable schedule… but
we get to see Sterling tomorrow night…