Between Sacramento and Denver, leg one of
today’s travels, Angela and I in the 20th row with a good view of
the holiday humanity in front of us. I’m busy catching up on my podcast
listening, Dave Winer chatting to me from his car…it’s a remarkable
medium that has so many possibilities, both good and bad. The nice
thing is we get to choose content providers unlike the claw-like grasp
cable and radio companies have. Don’t get me started on Comcast and how
they get away with raising your bill $3 or $4 a month with no reason
other than they can.
I’m hoping that when I begin my podcast that I’m
providing content that isn’t closed in interest to a couple of my
roadie friends who really need a hobby. I think that your ego makes you
hope that your interests, feelings and thoughts would be valid to
others. I’m pretty sure it is fear that is convinced that no one other
than the truly twisted would sit through me talking about anything. I’m
truely surprised that some of the podcasts I’ve started listening to
actually leave me wanting more. They also have the effect of quelling
the fear that my words would go unlistened.
I mainly stick to the pioneers at this point but am
branching out to others. The people I listen to are not people I would
be interacting with otherwise… kinda like some other communities I’ve
gotten involved with in the past 15 years. This discussion of
monoculture is very positive, an evolution of interaction and sharing
that has been trounced by coporate playlists and these monopolies that
force feed the kiddies product camouflaged as art, music, games,
“needed” gadgets…perhaps a few of these gadgets will help us
1) break free of the imposed “Norm”;
2) think outside the whatever;
3) share what we have;
4) take it or leave it.

At least we will have a choice!!!

leg 2; made connections…

The delay in take off made the connection
tight but we beat our boarding group on. Row 19, crying rug rats
and seat kickers behind us. It’s an unfair description really; one is
younger and cries, the older one LOVES the sound of her voice in all
timbres and volumes. I offered Angela the Bose earphones but she
declined. It’s holiday travel, not bad, not good, a step below typical.
Angela offers her first contribution to the blog; “It’s like a day care
in the sky.” Bravo Angela!
Going over a saved Source Code from 12-20 which is
connected to the Morning Coffee Notes I was listening to. These are
simple ideas that could be quite powerful if they are elaborated on and
not co-opted by the big boys too early in the process. The more I write
about it, the more I want to really dive in, get some egg on my face
and go for it. There’s no time like the present… now, before someone
calls me up and puts me to work, draining all my spare energy and
It’s baby walking time on flight 450…God, stop me from kicking back!!!!