Soft Target – a person or thing that is relatively unprotected or vulnerable, especially to military or terrorist attack.

It’s not like we haven’t thought about it. We’ve all done gigs with bomb sniffing dogs and even some with snipers in the roof. Of course these are arena/stadium type shows where the size of the crowd makes for a major event, which would be attractive to those wanting to cause major damage, especially if live TV is occurring.

Paris had both large and small targets. The bombers at the Stade de France didn’t make it inside all the way. Security at concerts is often focused on protecting the crowd from itself and also the performers from the ultra exuberant. Many larger venues use metal detectors. Sadly the smaller venues have less protection, a concert hall or a crowded restaurant. What chance does a Maitre D or a bouncer have against a squad of men with automatic weapons? What good is a Leatherman tool against them?

This attack felt personal to me as the concert hall is my workspace. A line has been crossed. As markets, shopping malls, pubs, schools and other meeting places have been attacked before, the terrorist creates fear and doubt within the usual. As we are exposed to more of these attacks in the western world we join these places that seem so far away and we are no longer untouchable.

It won’t be just Paris, just France, just Europe; it will be there in every town. The doubt, the fear, the seeds sown. How can we regain our safety? By banning certain groups ability to migrate? Do we make parking lots out of their homes? Where do they go then?

Within us all is the ability and choice to move forward. I have never been around another type of group which has such a “Can-do” attitude like a road family. Perhaps military or ocean-going crews do too. We get sent to places that don’t have the infrastructure to accomplish the jobs we do every day and find a way to do it. We don’t have to be suicidal or hyper aggressive; we can just do our jobs, keep our eyes and ears open and watch each others backs.

By the way, I’m not above saying screw these murderous douche bags. They get what they deserve. I just don’t think they know what it is waiting for them in Paradise. Hopefully it’s real hot and it sounds like Justin Biber 24 hours a day.