FINALLY! A new podcast from Texas, where the chance to record happens… not too bad…

Show Notes:


“Hands” from Bumblefoot


Job change- good bye L.S, hello, W…

Geared Up… change in plans

Out of Focus

Lost… please call home


Dedications… The Ken and Squip Show

“Dancing Mood” by Delroy Wilson from “The Story of Jamaican Music”

“Little Red Rhumbahood” by Sam The Drummer (The 365 Project)

Springtime for Bitter in Texas

The Walmart Neighborhood Market (I look Fab!)

Give a guy an inch and he’ll take the Yard…

“Riding Giants”

“Some Kind Of Monster”

“Sin City”

“The Beauty Of Deep Lines”- Oceanographer

Health Warning- podcast at least once a week!!!

“TV or Not TV”
by Proctor and Bergman

“44 Blues” by Little Feat


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