Parking In Bitterman Circle Podcast #12-Climate change

Another one sittin’ on the server, recorded in Minneapolis, MN where it is much colder than Indio, CA

“Fish Magic” by Flim and the BB’s
Thank yous
The Bittergeek Rockcirclecast
Tour updates: Vancouver, Seattle, San Francisco, Indio, CA
Adapt and Conquer
“Snakecharmer” by Doyle Bramhall II
Travel Velocity
Nine Inch Nails/GarageBand: “The Hand That Feeds”
Podcasting software/Update letdown
“Mind Bogglingly Bothersome Ham-fisted Inept Transitions”
Sock full of Tapioca
Climate change/ Do what I do
More thanks
Dedication to Sterling
“Go where the love is…”