Here’s the latest podcast from Philadelphia, PA, especially for you.
It’s time to share the glamour of the road, travel and checking in
early because the bus can’t stay….

Intro (stunted)
Get off, go in, get confused.
Rock Me Right” by Susan Tedeschi
Smoke Free, Bed Free, Coffee Free
Stolen cameras
The City of Firsts
Working across the country, one load in at a time
Boston: old home hour, cold, wet and windy
Can’t Stand The Rain” by Lowell George
More Boston
Thank yous
Band business
What’s In Your Bag?
What’s In My Bag? (warning! not typical roadie bag-load; AEM can’t travel light…)

This Is Boston, Not LA” by the Freeze

My New Haircut” by Freak Kitchen

“J&B Boutique” by The Prophet Omega

Wrap up…

Office Suite, part one by The Matthew Show

underlaid- The Marvelettes, Django Reinhardt

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