Still Life 1 by you.

I’m not really sure if or why I want to write about my current recovery here. Perhaps as a way to update my friends and followers or maybe to help inform people about the process, either as a deterrent for bad habits or as positive motivation for others having to keep moving forward. A good deal of the warnings for bypass patients are split between sternal precautions (“don’t do this or you’ll look like a well-wacked piata…”) and the emotional warnings (“you may feel depressed, cry without provocation or understand Journey lyrics for the very first time…”).

A great deal of my focus is on not overdoing it with lifting, bending, reaching, pulling, pushing, the petting of cats, dressing and the most frustrating, the opening of my Italian Moka-style coffee pot, which in true King Arthur/Excalibur fashion I offer to anyone who comes to the door to save me from the current percolated existence I am living. No one is the chosen one, yet. Thinking of calling strangers from the local gym, even steroid users.

I saw my surgeon for a follow up yesterday, the one stitch by my chest tube incision was removed and another stapled pile of papers was handed to me with more warnings and suggestions. Driving is out for a few more weeks. The 10 pound lifting limit is nearly 3 months and today it makes sense because I can feel what heavier things do to my chest clearly. I don’t want to threaten my healing in any way but the feeling of being totally unable to do those guy things (unload the groceries, shlep the Christmas tubs, cat wrangling) really does add to the bummer factor.

The real wildcard is the energy factor. You can wake feeling rested and in fact, better than you have in years with the exception of this post Alien chest binding. You begin to attack the day, doing light chores, going for walks, getting rid of a years clutter from your office and then you realize that your gas tank only holds ounces, not gallons at this point. You can push it but will pay in the end, often for a few days. I am doing my best to build my endurance back, in the short term with my goal of being able to do my job at the Super Bowl (more likely pointing a lot than lifting at all) and long term with better heart heath in general. I am looking at beginning actual cardio rehab next week to help me with my goal.

Well, I have to take on the physical side of my day right now (misty cold walk through the neighborhood) followed by the heavily enforced sissy nap (well, I won’t fight too hard). I’m gonna try to write more as I have no work based excuse and the more engaged I am here, the less isolated/negative I have a chance to to be (in theory). I need the outlet as the cats rarely laugh at my jokes.