Steve Ferguson

passed onto me by Dave Marsh, Rock and Roll Confidential…

“Steve Ferguson was the original guitar player with NRBQ (yup, before Big Al Anderson), was involved in Johnnie Johnson’s great album Johnnie B. Bad and has made great music for many years…

From Tom Staley (NRBQ’s Original drummer):

Dave Marsh recommended I contact you to get the word out about Steve Ferguson.
I created a donations page at
and I’m organizing a benefit here in Tampa at Skippers Smoke House.
I understand Terry is bringing his new band to Louisville for a benefit soon.

He is undergoing treatment(chemo and radiation) and is responding positively but it is really just buying him some time as it is bone cancer and has spread into his lymph nodes.
He just started the treatment 2 to 3 weeks ago and remains resigned but upbeat
about it all.

Donations are what is needed as he has a family and the medical bills
are going to be huge.”

Help if you can. Give back what he’s given to us…

PS- if you want to hear some live vintage Ferguson-era NRBQ go to Amazon and download Ludlow Garage…