Sleep dep travelogue, vulgar rehash, coffee by Dunn Brothers, snacks by Crunky popjoy

Worksafe? No.


Nice flight, across the sea, Waterpark nearby…

Mylar undercoat, 20 summers ago…

Immigration queues, cartoon placation, Goat sodomy, terminal illness, just made it…

Chicanes ‘R Us… driving to Osaka in a 747…

Production meetings… some traditions must be SMASHED!!!

NEWSFLASH: “People from foreign countries can speak English and might not tell you!!!”

“The lobby? Drive up to the 6th floor and take the elevator to 29 and crash…”

0 Dark Thirty… where’s my Iriver? Send your guesses to me here….

BA strike… let’s find Richard Quest a new gig, please?

Humid tent flap

“Another bin in the Wall” by Oasis‘s sound crew

Butler turns 100
… and gets no pension

Worst of Podsafe podcast?

all music provided by the Podsafe Music Network:


Kevin Christensen

The Core

if thousands


The Firesign Theatre
… they have a podcast!

“Paste” by The Bright Side dedicated to “H.P.”Glendenning