In the guitar world, there are many options for instruments, amps and effects. There are good and bad; taste has a lot to do with it. A person’s favorite guitar might be a piece of crap to another player. Some people will only play old gear; some people will only play good gear. Others can play anything and sound good.

Bob Sweet is someone who has made quality guitar effects for some time now, under his Sweet Sound label. His Mojo Vibe and Ultra Vibe pedals are what he is best known for. He is in the midst of a big challenge right now as he is battling cancer and sadly like many Americans, doing so without insurance. The guitar community is doing what it can to help him out including some auctions of quality effects on ebay; some of them are signed as well.

Mike Piera (Analog Mike) from Analog Man Effects contacted me about Bob’s challenge and asked me to pass on the word about one particular auction. When he visited me in Hartford to help me with a tone issue, he brought one of his mighty Sun Lion pedals to be signed for auction. It is the LAST original version of this effect, a collectors item already. As it was the first day of the leg and a little bit crazy, I was only able to get Nils to sign it for him, but, ever the charitable man, he signed a few of his own CD’s and a DVD to include in the auction.

The auction is going on now and ending soon. Here’s a way to get great tone, some collectible recordings and to help a brother out. Here’s Mike’s link to his website and the Bob Sweet auction…

Analog Man Bob Sweet Auction

…and a direct link to the ebay auction…

It’s also not the only auction going on for him right now as other pedal makers are doing the same…

All Bob Sweet Ebay Auctions

I am just a newcomer when it comes to so much of what the guitar world has to offer. The ax and pedal collectors and tone quest types always seemed like a small obsessed clique to me, their own language and fetishes… well, all collectors do. I, not being a guitar player, didn’t understand the subtleties. Professionally I have had to begin to listen a little bit harder in order to be of better help to my clients. If it means sitting in a room and listening to the different qualities of old 6L6 vacuum tubes with amp expert Bob Dixon or annoying my co-workers by switching back and forth between Leslie pedals until I decide which one sounds better, I guess I’m now willing to do it.

As for a plug for Analog Mike, I really dig his pedals, his modifications and most of all, the fact that as part of this community of engineers/music lovers/(guitar)gear heads, he’s putting his time and effort into helping out someone in this small community that others would think of as a competitor. It speaks volumes and sounds good to me. Be sure to visit his page and try out his stuff when you’re at a quality music store.

Analog Man Effects

(by the way, I have learned more about vintage effects from reading the book “Analog Man’s Guide To Vintage Effects” which you can buy here…)