So last year was a bad blogging year for me and an even worse podcasting year. I worked my butt off, travelled a whole lot and took more photos than ever before (even a few good ones!) and found myself stepping through a period of intense loss into a world where things are beginning to focus and give me a new path to follow.

This line of work has a habit of chewing you up and spitting you out on the winter holidays, not feeling too Christmasy, behind the eight ball on your shopping, sleep deprived, unable to communicate in a delicate “non-road” manner and feeling like the Grinch’s dog. You either put on a brave face until your mood comes around or you drag everyone around like beer cans tied to a truck bumper after a country wedding. It usually take me about two weeks to finally say I’m sorry and begin to be productive around the house.

After 22 summers on the road, I am very clear on how little I truly know about my work and that I am ok with that. I like having something more to challenge me and to learn. I was so fried near the end of tour #3 this year that I was ready to walk away from the big boys and let them get a new playmate. You get tired and you use all your tricks and it doesn’t seem to work anymore. You can’t even tell if it’s them who’s gone insane or you have just lost the plot all together.

Thankfully I have some guys and gals in my life that know more than I do. They listen and give their opinion. They double check your work and tell you if you missed something. I try to be there for others as well but the wealth of information I have due to the nature of my friends is unbelievable. It doesn’t matter if they are standing next to you or on the other end of a phone or laptop, they give and it makes a difference.

This time around I had two serious hands on the same tour and a few standing in the wings. I am totally indebted to them. It makes the next few weeks of planning and ordering and pondering not seem hopeless. I’m gonna try a few different angles on the same problem and see if that helps.

Remembering I work for guitar players somehow puts it in perspective. It isn’t prepairing a generation for college or curing cancer, it’s show biz. I try hard.

For any and all road people at home, soak up all the quiet moments and go to the places you love the most. They might not be there when you get back next Christmas. Call your friends back and go see their new (insert new item here).

More as the fog lifts…