Usually if there are large gaps between blog posts it means one of a few different things; I’m either really busy with work, I have nothing of value to say or I’m an emotional turnip. This time it has been preparation for another tour which is bigger and badder than the last, in scale and focus, in time and space. We packed more into 3 weeks than anyone thought was possible and pulled off show #1 pretty darn well.

It really is remarkable to be in this line of work and get the chance to work with bands that have been together for 30 years and see what chemistry and teamwork is all about. My years with Little Feat were a wonderful example of that; they were and still are a band that has a level of communication that verges on ESP, finds a way to pay tribute and also bring new life to their music as well as keep amazing and still valid songs alive for both their fans to enjoy and another generation to discover.

Live music when done well goes beyond the push of an iPod button and reaches you on a different level. It is certainly physical and emotional, spiritual and fraternal. It often has to wait until you’re ready for it but sometimes you can be converted. With my last band there was a preconceived notion about what I was going to experience by myself and others and I was pleasantly surprised. The performances won me over; they touched me and I was both engaged and rewarded every evening.

At the same time, a large stage and production elements are not a replacement for songs. A dynamic performer can not overcome musical pap. All of the elements have to be there; songs, performance, chemistry, showmanship and sequencing. The best laid plans can work for one city and not for another. My current situation is famous for audibles, when the artist strays from the set list to either generate energy or avoid dead spots. It keeps us all on our toes and shapes how our systems are created because a scripted show can cut corners and a audible world has to be ready for anything. We as techs have to pay full attention and even develop a little ESP of our own.

Today is a day off, something we haven’t seen a lot of since the start of September and it is greatly needed. The energy required for rehearsals and preparation is more of a endurance. For single show days it is a focused race of time where so much needs to be done and the clock is ticking. There are still elements that need to be added, subtracted, ordered, backed up, recorded, labeled and cleaned. The lists shrink and grow. The work gets done.

Philly today; maybe a chance to get the new camera into play… I sure hope so…