One of the biggest problems with being an undisciplined blogger is either falling behind on timely information or having way too much to share, risking sounding like a speed freak using a open choke shotgun of words that wont sink in. When you get into a groove of being disciplined you just pick up the conversation where it left off.

I dont have that luxury.

I currently am writing from the front observation lounge of a bus driving through Innsbruck, Austria early on a sunny Sunday morning. Im probably the only guy up except the driver. The Alps are snow free (July? Climate change?) but breathtaking in their scale and sheer drama. The beautiful valleys that cradle the little villages are picture perfect; you can bet that there are kids who sit in their rooms wishing they could be in LA and not their boring burg. Everyone dreams of being somewhere else at some point. This is the kind of place a mid-40s guy like me sighs about. What am I saying being a road dog Id probably enjoy the view for 2 weeks and then google the route to the nearest airport!

We played a beautiful piazza in Lucca, Italy last night, a walled city of true charm in the Tuscan region. We had the day off before that and I spent the whole day walking around the city taking pictures and soaking it up. The wall around Lucca makes getting lost a little hard but it is a massive wall with a full size roadway, walking paths and park areas all the way around. Unlike the other more well known destinations in Italy that just crawl with the overwhelming hoards of tourists, this city is manageable and still has street s that can be empty just for you and a quiet moment. As much as I enjoy wandering around the world by myself unteathered, this is a place to share with someone else, a spouse, a lover, a family member, a true friend.

I have been coming over here for a long time and have had many different experiences with jet lag and the adjustment s to the time change. I usually enjoy getting turned around, waking early and seeing cities and landscapes in the early morning light. I have had a hard time with getting enough sleep this time, the naps and exhaustion tricks have left me in the middle of a work day with 3 hours of sleep in a hot and sunny day that knocks you down on a full nights rest. I fell asleep last night during the show and was asleep before the bus rolled last night. I dont like to be that far out of wack.

We ended the travel day in Munich, Germany and it being Sunday, it was pretty much closed. The nice young man behind the counter at the hotel suggested going to a beer garden a tram ride away. Those of you who know me what I think of hanging out with large groups of drinking people. I got off the tram and began to walk into the English Garden section of the park and followed the signs. I found an intimate weekend gathering of 4000 people drinking beer and eating potatos in an opening of the wooded glen. The band played on and I had some dinner sitting at a table with strangers. I don’t think I’ll ever figure this country out; perhaps it’s best that way.