Time is of the essence, therefore I’m still way behind…
Talking about places 10 stops ago. So from Grand Rapids, MI comes
another unsorted affair from the mind of our founder…


Grand Rapids, MI / day off

Opening Day of the NHL season… game on!!!

Brazil (Brasil by God)… The Curitiba Rock Fesitval, Varig Airlines and the ability to downgrade against your will…

13,000 for a club date? why sure…

Good tunes
, old gear and Brazillian hospitality…

Lost… not the series, the luggage…Jimmy Kimmel and flying on a string

Goodbye Ed, Goodbye Dino… 2005 is a year of loss for everyone

Darkness in the mind, abuse of power

Food, the enemy?

Ramps ‘R Us


Andy Goldsworthy

Operation Eden

Thank You

“Leão Do Norte” by Lenine & Marcos Suzano from “Olho De Peixe”