The weeklong tour of Texas is underway. After the Dallas area Grand Prairie show and playing Jones Hall in Houston we are headed to Austin for an Austin City Limits taping and a show at The Backyard. I’ve done both of these gigs before and sometimes with the same artist on the same trip (Leonard Cohen in ’93 comes to mind).

Our boss was raised down here so she gets it. It’s one of those places that is different depending on who you’re talking to and what about. I was surprised to hear the usual hoots and hollers during “My Dear Country” in Dallas and nearly nothing in Houston. Perhaps the story is a little too close to home.

Austin being a hardcore Music town (they’ll tell you it is The Music Town) has great fans, good music stores and a slightly more liberal vibe than some of the other cities we do shows in. It certainly has grown a lot ( I’ll try to get pictures of the shopping area around The Backyard; you might remember it being a concrete slab in the middle of nowhere. Not any more!) It sure is a great place for a day off.