The transition into a new tour with unknown people is always a little tricky. If the tour has already been out and has developed a rhythm and style of its own, it can be even more so. Joining this tour a month in and subbing for someone for 3 months doesn’t give you an initial sense of permanence; you feel like you’re standing in someone else’s place.

You still have to find a way to make it your own. You take the systems and the other tech’s logic, understand it and find a way to make it work. You might even be lucky enough to clean up the rigs so they feel more like they are yours.

The first six shows were quite challenging. You would think that a mellow show like this would be easy if not a little boring. There were two elements that make that not the case. The first were a series of equipment failures which happen on every tour; they seem to come in waves and often making the diagnosis more difficult as one than one thing is wrong. The other is having vintage gear with no direct backup. Some musicians have favorite amps and don’t ever want to see the spare (which, it never the same model anyway). These are things that may not be made anymore and finding replacement parts becomes a forensic exercise.

So, I finally got out of this loop of coming in and working straight through until showtime today, with time for dinner and some watching of F1 qualifying from Montreal.


Tomorrow is a day off at home before a Dallas show.


I’ll report more ae we wander through Texas the next week. I won’t promise a podcast because I haven’t lived up to one for a while. I actually recorded some segments on the previous tour and they were crap. So, once again, when I have something to say, you’ll hear it!