Thousands of miles later, a coupla items lighter and filled up
with cold meds, Parking In Bitterman Circle comes to you from Oakland,

“Storm Clouds’ by the Firesign Theatre
(their RSS podcasting feed)

Hello… I’m sorry…maybe.

“Too Good To Cry” by The Wildweeds
(buy it here!)


The Drunken Pumpkin (the orange one in the middle)

Lost, missplaced, stolen…liberated.

Leatherman tool… I’ll miss ya.

Detroit Rock City- HockeytownThe Russian 5– dress codes and shiners

Worcester/ CC Chapman/ The Cars Heartbeat City

“Your Love is Certified” by Rasputin’s Stash

(thank you, Ear Fuzz!)

East Bay/T.O.P.

Howard Stern/ Pinkerton

Jay Leno’s 1070hp Toranado…Photo!)… oh, and the Tonight Show.

Hotel Hell

Santa Barbara Bowl

“I Don’t Know How To Be Cool” by Rick Berlin and Airlift

(Steven Paul Perry…)

Long Beach Foozer Security ISP Catering Rant-O-Rama… changing for the worse?
(avoid Priority Networks if you can…)

The magic snowflake…

Ken Clark from The Ken and Squip Show visits the big noise!

Sorry, Dr. Puff!

Thanks to the following…

Ear Fuzz

EC Brown

Tofu Hut


Mark Forman from Getting A Leg Up (podcast and blog)

“Living With The Law” (live)
by Chris Whitley

(strangely hacked off ending)