I’m back from Venezuela with a few days at home. It’s wonderful to be with the family, have my own kitchen and my own bed. It’s even better to be further away from the tension we were experiencing down there with Chavez not renewing the licence for RCTV and the demonstrations that took place. At our last show, shortly before the performance began, a group of people in white shirts marched into the stadium and all turned their backs to the crowd while a trumpet played “Taps”. Boing Boing has been following the story and also including opinions from the other side as well..

Boing Boing: Venezuelan media crackdown: TV anchors sign off, mouths shut

 The other POV 

Chavez to shut down second station

This is a very complex and interesting situation which deserves a view from many angles. Just one POV or website will not do it justice. Being down there I had the feeling that things just weren’t as they appeared in either direction. I speaking to the locals they didn’t seem surprised. With my Spanish so bad, most of my conversations were with people with a bit more privilege, more education, more money. They didn’t think that much of Chavez. I sense that the Have-Nots who where our stagehands and that I couldn’t engage due to my lack of lingual ability would have a different opinion.

It’s time for me to learn Spanish.