Man, you get out of the comfort zone and you lose the groove. Hi from Granada, Spain where I’m working this week. The last time I was here we arrived late and left before sunrise. No views of the Sierra Nevadas (THE originals), no Alhambra (The Original) and no hang time what so ever. This time we were held up by logistical shenanigans and lost all of our cushion before the band showed up. The Sierras still have snow on them and the fog rolls morning and night. It stinks to be only 75 miles from Malaga and not get to go but it sure is nice to be working again.

This is an incredible bunch of musicians who are a lot of fun to be around. They play well and they play around well. I haven’t seen most of them in about 4 years. Time flies. I won’t tell you who I’m working for as there is a Lengthy confidentiality agreement in place but you May be able to figure out who it is.

After hold ups in freight, flights and floors, the stage is set for rehearsal which will take up most of the week. As we brought only part of the show with us the hard part is adapting the equipment that we’ve hired locally to work for us.


We will be doing shows in Spain, jumping to the Canary Islands for a show, back to Spain and then to Venezuela… not your typical tour! Is there such a thing?

Here’s an extra big hi to the guys and gals with Justin Timberlake who I saw at O’Hare airport who are over in England right now and MJ with Paulina Rubio who we mush have missed by moments in Madrid.

I sure am gonna miss being at home with Angela and the boys, especially after all the time and projects we’ve done recently. I’ll put up some photos of the Granite and the other changes around Bitterman Acres.