Stumbling into yet another online world over the weekend and having one of those moments of clarity when smart people make things happen and share them with the world, finding UStream was a revelation.

Then today’s horror in Virginia happens. I was channel surfing at newstime here at the hotel and I see Katie Couric speaking to a webmaster/ubergeek about how the internet was used for communication during the shootings and how some of these gizmos held by average people became all that the major media had to loop over and over and over. The webmaster was talking to Katie from his dorm room over UStream, better quality than the war web phones and done by a kid in his dorm room. All CBS would have to do is receive a URL from the guy and put the browser window up on the flat screen. They obviously piped in some kind of audio feed to him from her broadcast point, but no crew, no lights, access to a witness right through the pipe.


I was glad to see the logo up in the corner and expect that their next set of growing pains are on the way… GG thinks so and I agree with him.

Ustream.Tv-Revolutionizing Live News?

Their website…

Planet Blacksburg

Our thoughts and prayers are with the students of VT and their families.