Man, I still love music. I even like music that was created in the past year. Some of the stuff we had cross our ears in Austin, well… perhaps I’ve moved over that line into being an old fuddy duddy. I still think I can recognize good music no matter what era or genre (I’m a little dense on rap though). There just seems to be a lot of junk.

The SxSW Live program was somewhat diverse and had a few good moments. The Annuals (or caution, their MySpace link) double drummer space fest caught my attention. Kraak and Smaak did a great set of music too. Rudy Deluca is much better without Kiefer Sutherland. Pete Townsend is a great accompanist. The Buzzcocks have earned their name.

I learned that “Dub” is a Jamacian word for “I will require more patch cables, mon”.

I thought that the Spree’s 25 Billy Joe Armstrong body doubles was interesting…

I know that I hate people who pimp out children, especially parents.

The favorite drum kit was a vintage Ludwig, the favorite bass amp (for the bands, not the sound mixers) was an Ampeg SVT Classic with an 8×10, the favorite guitar amp was a tie between the Vox AC-30 and the Fender Deluxe reverb and the favorite band accessory was a female red head (ok, some of them were talented and cute, but every other band had a one in a dress and most of them were girls!)

I know that TV has nothing to do with reality but it takes a lot of real people to make it seem that way.

All the things I wasnted to see here happened in the same building but I never got to get away. I wanted to see Gilberto Gil’s keynote and missed David Byrne’s panel (covered below)
David Byrne: Who needs music labels?

I’m glad it’s nearly over.

Thanks to Toby and Johnny Lord for making this such a good work experience.