from the New York Times:

Have you seen the movie An Inconvenient Truth? Are you concerned about the world we live in? Are you disgusted by the huge amount of resources used by the touring industry and how little recycling is done?

You should read this article on the movement to change that by using different fuel and recycling batteries, strings and other consumables. Even though most techs are very superstitious and cautious about these things, we as a community need to start changing our wasteful ways. We need to do our part.

Perhaps you have to take a little more time with your trash or explain to your artist what you’re trying to do. You could tell him you’re trying to make a better place for his children to live.

Have Guitar, Will Recycle

Oh, and if you haven’t seen An Inconvenient Truth, it’s for sale, for rent and available on demand. Do it today.

(Thanks to JD!)