Aah, the grand thing about the off season for roadies is we actually call each other to check on work rumors and for moral support while we wait for the phone to ring. It also gives us the chance to see our friends when they come through the hometown if they are working and you are not!

I was checking in with Yard Gavrilovic as Clapton is starting the US leg of his tour here in Dallas tomorrow. I had forgotten that he turned over the tuning key on that job to someone else about two years ago and was focusing on things at home. It helps that he has a couple of sons who are really good at the family business that are caring for some of his clients on the road.

He has a business in the London area which provides quality modern and vintage drums for rent and for sale called Vintage Drum Yard. As he is one of the most reliable and pleasant drum techs there is, I’d think that this is a business I’d be glad to work with when I am over there. His website has listings of available gear and a few pages of tips and tricks for solving drum tuning and maintenance problems.

Check it out and remember him when you’re looking for the real deal over there…

Yard Cartoon

The Vintage DrumYard