In scanning my news feeds I found a link from Salon’s Video Dog that mentioned Craig Ferguson from CBS’s Late Late Show and how he did something a little unusual the other night. Though most late night host’s bread and butter is the Schadenfreude of celebrity meltdowns, he came out and said he was going to draw the line with the current Britany Spears situation.

I had known about Ferguson’s own experiences with drinking and with recovery. He mentioned that it was important to him to be able to sleep after what he had said and also shared some of his own experience with both seriousness and humor. It was one of the only moments of integrity I’ve seen on a network talk show in some time (though to be honest I don’t watch that many of them as they have proven to lack that quality currently). I applaud Craig for his comments and encourage you to watch and share them with others. He is an smart, entertaining host with qualities that lack elsewhere. Below are links to the direct YouTube files…

Craig Ferguson part 1

Craig Ferguson part 2