Most of us who tour carry laptops and set them up at work when there is WiFi or if we need them to do the show. In my case I often set it up on my workbox and surf/write/read during down time.

You will also see guitar techs have their tuning stations in the same area which means at least a tuner and a cable. I for many years have put a little velcro on the 1/4″ jack so that when I’m done with my tuning chores, I can just toss my cable to the carpeted top of my workbox and it will stick there so I can easily grab it for the next tuning.

I’m not the only one who does this.

I’m not the only person who gets in a hurry and throws the cable as I’m finishing the guitar.

My old pal Bobby who is out taking care of Gilby on Supernova found out the hard way what happens when the world of laptops and the world of tuning literally collide…

Bobbys bruised screen

Ow… looks a little like a domestic call… So, try to keep the two worlds apart and find a safe place for your laptop when you start throwing things around!!!