from Boing Boing and Mark Frauenfelder:

In the touring world, we use expensive gear. Often it’s
because in order to do what we are asked to do, it’s the only
alternitive. Sometimes it’s because we insist that what we use should
work all the time (or as close to all the time as possible).
Sometimes our clients appreciate fine vintage things and can hear the
difference… 9 volt batteries not included.

Home stereo geeks are a scary breed; they spend a
great deal on stuff that they are told makes a difference. In this day
and age of mp3’s that acoustically fold up if there’s a distorted
guitar on the recording and people are used to hearing the way a song
sounds as a ringtone, pehaps hi-fi is even more crazy.

Especially if you’re having trouble making your car payment this month, go over to ILikeJam and see the speaker and power cables going for thousands of dollars…

Astronomically overpriced audiophile equipment.

But, as the title gives away, I know mixers and they have a thing for
faders and knobs. You gotts love this nice little $485 wooden one,
which provides “Good Vibrations for your ear/brain combination…”


Perhaps they send a portion of the profit to Hurricane relief…

Link (via Backup Brain)