Well, it’s February, I’m home and looking for a bunk to fill, still shaping the blog’s appearance after the switch to WordPress and the upgrade to 2.1. Some of the plug ins were causing some trouble but I’m beginning to figure it out. I’m also avoiding working on my Federal taxes today so here’s a few details about what’s different here.

I will once again suggest that you re-subscribe to the blog/podcast with the new RSS feed at the top left (or extreme bottom left) of the page. The old one no longer exists, though if I can find a way to write the .xml file to redirect I will. Without resubscribing my marginal witticisms and podcasts will not find their way automatically to you. As an extra added bonus, you can add them to a few different readers/services by accessing the buttons directly below the orange RSS button.

My Flickr link is back to preview the latest added photos and they now are automatically added to the RSS feed so you don’t even have to go looking. A preview of my latest del.icio.us licks is below that and a new feature added today under that, starred items from my own news reading using Google Reader. It’s cool because I can be using my Blackberry to browse news, mark it for later reading and share it with you on the website all at the same time!

My links are below that, a permanent gallery of the friends and vendors I enjoy…

I’ve nearly finished moving all of the podcast links to the podcast page with the slick Podpress built in player on each page. Unfortunately there are a few of the MP3 files that have to be re-formatted to not sound like Alvin and the Chipmunks… I found the same problem with the Podshow player and it was because I tried using a different bitrate to save space and the player didn’t like it… quality problems I guess.

The writing page is another story, still offline and un-organized. The files can be accessed through the archive but it’s really not collated the way I want it to be yet.

So until the call comes, little tweeks will keep happening here and the first new podcast will be posted this weekend!