I’ve really enjoyed the following podcasts this week; through IT Conversations I found this discussion between Dr. Moira Gunn and Gerd Leonhard, the co-author of The Future of Music.

The next has been a mini-series of podcasts that I’m
guessing are taken from the documentary which accompanies the 30th Anniversary remastered version of Springsteens’s Born To Run,
which comes out next week and includes the remastered CD, the
documentary on DVD, and a third disc which includes footage of a 1975
London concert of BS and the ESB… The feed for the podcast is here…

Last is a usual favorite and I know that for some,
listening to a bunch of developers speculate on the future of anything
is hardly entertaining, but the latest Gilmor Gang discusses the announcement of Windows Live & Office Live with Robert Scoble
and raises some interesting points about how the future of web based
apps is going to effect the desktop based software companies… you can
access the podcast here…