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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Even a bitter old hand like myself can sometimes get caught pulling a bonehead move while travelling in Europe, especially with companies changing their policies with the blowing wind. For instance, a majority of European airlines limit your TOTAL luggage weight to 20 kilos (around 44 pounds) for EC flights. So if you are like me and roll with just under 50 lbs. a bag, you'd better find a place on the truck for the main weight of your load. These airlines will charge you between 6-10 Euros for each additional kilo; then they charge you another 10 to got to the service counter. Bye bye per diem...

Internet providers suck too, like our old buddies at Swisscom. They not only have a sliding scale from country to country for 24 hour access but have interesting limitations for bandwidth. Europe is much more bandwidth concious than the US as anyone with mobile/blackberry/smartphone connectivity has found out.

But look closely at this page within the EULA for Swisscom: it clearly states the restrictions are to prevent piracy. It doesn't matter if you bought a TV show legally from iTunes; once the meter hits 400 megs, you're cut off and you've paid nearly $30 for only a few hours on online time. This company is going to have to adjust their policy at some point now that legal commerce is using so much bandwidth. Not that Apple has all that many friends over here company-wise; though everyone over here has white wires coming out of their ears too, they can't download Gray's Anatomy until it shows over here next year. At least, not legally.

So, as always, buyer beware. Just because you pay a lot doen't mean you're gonna get a lot.

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