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Friday, October 20, 2006

Ok, so we finished the Italian dates and did one each in Germany and the Netherlands before a break. Angela joined me in Spain and we went to visit the town where I was born, Malaga.

 In fact my parents lived in a small fishing village just east of there called Pedralgalejos...

    Though there has been plenty of growth there in 40 odd years, it's still quite charming and wonderful. We stayed in a 19th Century Villa which was converted into a hotel that happened to be only 3 blocks from where my parents lived in the 60's.

   And their place was still there...

   It was an emotional visit; most people can tell you where they first lived, what hospital they were born in and what it was like. I can now as well...

    We saw the Picasso Museum, the Cathedral, The Gilbrafaro, The Alcazaba and this groovy chicken store...

    From there we travelled to Madrid and the Museum of Ham...

   Will this do? The wireless here in Valencia won't reach my room so I'm working on battery power in the hallway and about to run out... more stories and photos later, including the muddy bull ring of Madrid, the ex-presidents and the Calatrava space seed building...

There are more photos currently over at my Flickr account...

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