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Friday, November 4, 2005

One of the people I trust to stand by his guns and has a great deal of integritiy, Dave Slusher has pointed out (to me, through others) that the latest Sony CD's install malware on your PC and if you try to remove it, will cack your machine. He expresses his thoughts (way to go) and calls for a boycott of Sony. Read his piece (and the associated link) to get the lowdown on this bit of info. You know, after the last post (BMG/Sony are all part of the same tentacle), it might be one step forward, 10 steps back...

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    BMG put some money into the new legal Napster, but it hasn't been quite what they expected. Now they are starting another file sharing service, GNAB. Here's the rub; it's not for consumers but for partners in agreement with BMG. You will only be able to access it through the partners... one step forward, three steps back...


(Thanks to Pollstar)

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