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Monday, October 10, 2005

   Last friday the Foozer thing was in Detroit at the Joe Louis Arena, the home of the Detroit Red Wings, my favorite hockey team. An older building, it is kinda funky but has some serious history. Though the Canadiens have more championships, there sure are a lot of banners in the rafters...            
                 The image [base

(and that's not all of them...)

The green things in the picture are the Foo Fighter's lasers being tested...

                   The image [base

Here's the entrance to the Team dressing room...

                                   The image [base

And the wall next to it reminds us of who was there for the '97 cup... like Vladi...
                  The image [base
(I never would have put the catering sign over those names...)

Before the Joe, the Wings played at Olympia Stadium and somebody pinched the exit sign ...

               The image [base

Heavy Mojo in Hockeytown... even the trash dumpsters had the team logo on them!!! We got to see the team come in in the morning for an event in suits and ties...At least in the NHL there seems to be some team based behaviour these days... all in all, a wicked hockey day.

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The man who put together the drum riser took his job very seriously. His briefcase was set up just for the job. He also may have had OCD... you decide...

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