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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Through Om Malik:

mart people are now talking about the convergence, the shift, the recapture of content; one of those people is Greg Leonhard.

What Music Industry can learn from blogs.

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from  Boing Boing and Xeni Jardin: 

Katrina: Wardriving occupied NOLA on 9/11.

Jacob Appelbaum and Joel Johnson are in the New Orleans area, helping with communications reconnect efforts and documenting what they witness. They have connectivity, a solar-powered backpack, iChat capabilities, and the ability to do live streaming video.

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I'm donating all of my stagehands to the lighting department for the remainder of the tour as part of the hurricane Katrina recovery effort... they've helped me enough; now it's time for them to extend a helping hand elsewhere... 'nuff said.

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from the BBC:

He was sick with lung cancer; he survived Katrina though his home in Slidell did not. They said he was "heartbroken" by the losses in Louisana; sometimes the sadness is enough to cause a person to let go.

Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown dies at 81.

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Bob was kind enough to forward the link to Tim Rutten's article in the LA Times which talk about the efforts of FEMA and the Bush government to spin the damage on the Gulf Coast.

Image is capital in wake of storm.

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