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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

from Om Malik:

Then there's digital rights management... why buy it if your gear might or might not play it?
From Russell and Carlo comes Why DRM Will Kill Mobile Music.

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from Om Malik's Broadband Blog:

Om Malik has some interesting thoughts about the boom in Digital Music Services.

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from Billboard.com:

Leonard Cohen sues his Business Manager.

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Like hot food and cold drinks? Through British Airways is back in the air, they still don't have catering on board. I will give credit to the flight staffs for doing their best to keep us comfortable and to BA for forking over vouchers to buy pre made food before departure.
So, for our 12 hour flight from Tokyo to London, I got a couple of pre-made sandwiches, some water and carbed up on Thai food before I left. Lucky for us we were able to pillage the business lounge for snacks and goodies as well. A bowl of noodle soup would not have travelled well. On the plane we were provided with a bag with a few bits in it and had bottled water, coffee and tea available... strangely it reminded me of the standard domestic service in the states without the beer and condesending attitude! They also let us stash our pre bought food in the fridge as to not let it spoil...I'm not sure if the folks in ecomomy had the same treatment.


If you're flying BA, be prepared... heads up Curry family, there could be plenty more to complain about... especially since the catering company, Gate Gourmet (which in all announcements from BA was CLEARLY identified) is an American corporation...

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from the Guardian Unlimited:

I mentioned that we felt the earthquake at Narita as we were waiting for our flight. I have experienced a few having lived in the Los Angeles area for many years and did not feel too big. It was bigger than I thought, a 7.2... It hit north of where we were, near Sendai, about 200 kilometers away.. It did leave some serious damage and injuries...

Earthquake hits Japan's north-east.

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   I don't really engage in any political voicings here at Bitterman Circle for the most part. Those of you who know me probably know what I think about most things because I am a blabbermouth and tend to share too much. As I sit here in Munich, Germany, waking up from our marathon travel day I found one news article that really bothered me (believe me, there are more but this is the point I'm trying to share).
    Someone thought they would express their opinion the other night by running over the display of crosses in a pick up truck that Cindy Sheehan and the others set up in Crawford, Texas as a symbol of their feelings about the war in Iraq and the losses they have had in their families. This person was found changing a tire down the road with a cross stuck in the undercarriage of the truck. I'll let you read the story for the details.
    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. What kind of person drives over markers representing the dead, either in the service of the country, the innocent bystanders or for that matter, anyone who is being remembered? This guy has been reported to be a veteran. Was he drunk, high, mentally ill? What excuse can you have? As much as I have read about Cindy Sheehan's protest, it appears to be a peaceful, lawful one, protected by our rights as citizens of the US.
    I'll be interested to hear further details about this and am curious if this will finally pry the President off of his bicycle seat and into at least a conversation with this women. It would be the decent thing to do.
    As disturbed as I am about this story, it really just makes me sad about human nature and the fact that someone has to find new ways to show how low we can go. At this point in history, we should be evolving into a higher life form, not regressing and taking three steps back over and over and over again.
    Eveyone is entitled to an opinion; you don't have to destroy the opposing one in order to share it.

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